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Try Support for RTL838x based managed switches - #574 by musashino

I know you had the image builder up and running, try adding the package required for I3250-T4 support.

If there's no network connectivity, and you only got console access, I'd pull the drive, add the packages required, by copying them to it.

Don't think the packages for flash storage are included in the std image.

You could also try some random USB ethernet dongle, you might get lucky.

An x86 with more than one Ethernet port defaults to eth0 being wan, eth1 being lan, and any additional ports are unassigned. Until they are assigned, those generally will stay down even the link light will not come on with a cable plugged in.

Use the console to edit /etc/config/network so that eth0 is lan.

Also eth0 is not guaranteed to be the motherboard port, in some systems the ports on an add-in card will enumerate first. Use dmesg | more and / or dmesg | grep "eth" to examine the boot log for any eth ports having drivers attach.

USB drives with FAT, ext, or f2fs filesystems should be supported in a release build. They will need to be mounted by running mount manually.


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