Things which I hate on new builds in LuCI

  1. If I delete wireless connection under "Network->Wireless" and want connect to a new one. Why on the hell I have to go to "Network->Interface" and delete the interface first. Than "save & apply". And after that I can connect to a new wireless network?
  2. If I select a new network to connect, why is BSSID field empty and I have to manually write it?
  3. If I scan and search new network, why is it repeatedly refreshing? Because of point 2 I have to manually select the BSSID and copy it. But it is almost impossible because of the refresh rate. Can the refresh be disabled?
  4. Why is not the encryption overtaken? If I connect to not protected network, than the selected default encryption is "WPA2-PSK" and not "No Encryption". Why?
  5. Why I cannot save the password for luci in web browser?
    These 5 point was not present in LEDE, so I am asking are these things features or bugs?

Those sound like bugs. The web system was rewritten in large part to offload computing to the browser in Javascript. So I expect maybe some regressions in features and then for it to catch up and ultimately be better than it was, but this is the first release with the new javascript on the client based system.

I'm sure filing bugs on these issues would be helpful for the developers. I don't actually know where the bugs are tracked though! Maybe I will invoke some kind of sysadmin person like @tmomas who will point us to where you can file bug reports.

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If I scan and search new network, why is it repeatedly refreshing?

Don't know if it will have any effect on network scan, but the Auto Refresh button is in the upper right hand corner, clicking it will turn it off.

Because a BSSID is optional and usually unneeded (unless you want to specify a specific single device to connect to).

The root password; or WiFi passphrase?

Nope, no affect on the scan page itself.

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It sounds like you are connecting your router to upstream wifi networks. I believe that the construct here is break-before-make, where you must actively disassociate from the current connected network before connecting to a new one. This happens behind the scenes on a 'big' OS (Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.) where changing networks is common, but I would argue that the OpenWrt interfaces aren't really designed for constant changes in this way, thus the extra steps apparently required..

That said, take a look at travelmate -- this package is explicitly designed to make it easy to manage and connect to various SSIDs, and will fail-over gracefully down the list of configured SSIDs (or to none) if a given SSID connection cannot be established.

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Points 1. - 4. have been fixed in master and backported to openwrt-19.07 already with the following commits:


I was unable to reproduce 5. but given that there's other funky autocomplete issues like there might be a systemic problem. If someone else is affected by this or maybe knows suitable workarounds I'd appreciate feedback.


You can try using autocomplete=off in html, but if the input name is "username" or "password" some browsers will attempt to autofill them anyway.
This only fixes the complaint in the linked issue, not what is being discussed here.

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Hey @jow look at this, maybe help...

First thank to jow for all these fixes and his time. I made some tests to the point 5 and there are results.
Opera and chrome remember password, but they do not autofill (my mistake, I thought that opera does not remember). I have to click on username and select the username with password.
Firefox remember password and also autofill.

I would recommend that the Gui display for wireless use the signal - noise icon and data. The "cell phone" bar icon is meaningless. Seeing my signal at -65 db means something but 3 bars is no help at all in deciding if I have things aligned.

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It would be wrong to ask for changes without first acknowledging the tremendous amount of work that has made the new Luci so slick, and trouble free. Any issues I have had are simply my lack of knowledge. Once I understand what it is doing and if I do it the proper way, it "works"


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If you can make a specific example, Iā€™d suggest raising it as a feature request over on GitHub

As this is GUI related add screenshots of what it looks like now, and some screenshots of what you would prefer to see instead, and a blurb/explanation.

(Doing this significantly increases the chance that it will change)

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