Things about 8822BE wireless network card

Hello everyone in the openwrt forum, I am a novice in openwrt compilation, and see that the driver for 8822BE wireless device is released in the latest source code. After trying to compile, the network card does not start normally. After deleting the Wifi channel, the network card shows startup, but all parameters are incorrect. Hope someone can help me! Thank you!

@lick, welcome to the community!

You're not very detailed in describing your issue. Especially since a novice user doesn't tend to compile anything.

  • What device are you using?
  • Have you tried the pre-compile firmware at ?
  • Did you try installing the pre-compiled driver for your device using the package manager?

Hello lleachii, I am using an X86 PC as a router device, and the network card is the 8822BE through the PCIE channel. Compile with Ubantu 18 under VM. The source code is obtained directly at After successfully compiling and writing to the device, use iw list to view the information supported by the network card. Use lspci to display the information of the network card. After entering the wifi page, the device is not started. Return to the background and use it without setting wifi-iface. wifi up, go back to the wifi page to show that the device is enabled but the operating frequency and power of the device are not read out. Scanning on the wifi page can scan out other wifi signals, but it cannot be added. It is the same after the network card is newly configured. After adding wifi divergence, no matter which channel and power combination is added, it will show that the device is not activated and not associated.

  • And can you replicate your problem with the official download?
  • Are you trying to make your OpenWrt VM an AP or Client?

I want to make my computer an AP. I have used the x86 firmware compiled by the official compiler, and it is the same problem.

Exactly what driver and firmware did you install/compile?

I don't see the RTL8822BE drivers in the Package Table.