There was a problem with the Xiaomi AX6S router

  1. The main Internet channel is configured via WAN, and the backup via Wi-Fi. If the Internet on the WAN port disappears, then the router does not switch to the backup WiFi channel until the router is completely rebooted, or the WAN port is manually rebooted. All this time, the IP address is displayed on the WAN port and the router thinks that there is Internet and there are no problems with it. Back from Wi-Fi to WAN, when the Internet appears, it switches normally.
    Installing WatchCat also does not give a positive result.

  2. If you create a network on the 2.4 or 5 GHz band and connect to it, then through LUCI it is no longer possible to scan networks in this range and connect to them accordingly. Also channel analysis does not work in the same range.

  3. If the router is connected to any access point and also distributes the Internet via Wi-Fi in the same range and the access point to which it is connected disappears from the air, then the network created on this router, through which it distributes the Internet, also disappears. The network will not appear until the access point to which the router is connected restores broadcasting, either deletes it, or disables it manually.

LuCI Master (git-22.314.78547-2cbfd64) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT (r21272-b97e5ac785)

Nothing changes. If the router serves as a Wi-Fi router, then it cannot be used and configured via Wi-Fi. This is on all routers available to me with openVRT firmware. This is very sad.