There was a openwrt special brand somewhere around here

It was on the 1000gbit routers topic. It was 70 $ or something. I forgot to bookmark that model. What was that model? It was very very strong, some 2ghz quad core router, I guıess? I forgot. I though maybe turris omnia but no, it was more prettier looking. Turris looks triangiular.

But turris is extremely expensive it was something like 100$ at most.

WRX36 is $80, not sure it'll do 1gbit though.

This is the device to which frollic is referring. It has nice hardware specs, including a 2.5Gbps WAN port.

It's $80 (USD) in the states on Amazon, but I noticed you are in Turkiye.
From searching, I did find this .tr listing. Though I am not familiar with the website / vendor "Ubuy", Talos shows the domain to have a favorable rating.

EDIT: I just did some searching of reviews of UBUY, and a common complaint is they supposedly have a lot of "hidden fees" when you order through them. Maybe look for a better vendor that ships to Turkiye.

Also, here is a link to the OpenWRT discussion thread for the device.

I found it: GL.iNet GL-AX1800. I am certain it was this. But when I look up at openwrt toh this is not there. They advertised this device as some openwrt device. But on forums here, it says the soc isn't yet well supported.. Damn. It looked nice though...

Yeah, it's not supported yet

It runs a GL.iNet-specific fork of OpenWrt, which is where that claim comes from.

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