There is a problem with the opkg upgrade, the management page cannot be displayed, please help me

Help !
I see here that there is a command to upgrade all the applications.
“opkg list-upgradable | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs opkg upgrade”

After using it, I find that the admin management page is blank and cannot be accessed. Oh my gosh, this is used by my work unit, the boss will kill me😂
I use x86_64 firmware
Please help me solve this problem

This has been asked and answered hundreds of times, no - bulk upgrading is not a good idea on OpenWrt (for multiple reasons, details you'll find in previous threads). Why do you think that opkg doesn't have an internal upgrade-all command.

Factory reset or flash a newer OpenWrt version and it will be fixed.


@tmomas I really think this should be removed.


Oh my god, I really do n’t know if this problem is an old problem ...
Then I can only solve it by resetting? God, what can I do ... there are a lot of configurations on it?

Can you access the device by SSH?
Take a backup /sbin/sysupgrade -b /tmp/backup-${HOSTNAME}-$(date +%F).tar.gz and copy it with SCP to your PC, flash the image again and restore the backup.

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May want a list of installed packages, depending on how things were flashed.

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Thank you, just try it.

Thanks for reply……

I'm guessing the uhttpd update got him if he's on 19.07.1.

Maybe add a warning to the LUCI Software -> Updates page and also add a 10 second countdown + warning for the CLI command.

I edited the wiki page by moving the one-liner away from the main options table. I also added cautionary text there.


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