[THEME] Argon (main thread)

Starting with yesterday snapshot builds I get this.

It’s not an OpenWrt package. You’ll have to ask the developer.

The guilt package is completely different

root@OpenWrt:~# opkg depends -A libcurl4
libcurl4 depends on:


luci-theme-argon still is not an OpenWrt package.

If you can fix it for him/her in this thread by all mean go ahead, otherwise . . .

So for a person curl utility is not installed either.
For those who curl needed, where should I complain?

The user doesn’t define what snapshot they are using. main/master or current release, but that’s not an issue either way.

If you look at openwrt/packages you will find no open issues regarding curl. ie. last update was last month, so I would expect any issues with curl would be clearly evident. Not an OpenWrt problem.

Raise an issue on the argon developer’s GitHub repo.

Well, how should a developer of a third-party theme fix a problem that has nothing to do with him?

Without getting into a pissing match, OpenWrt isn’t the developer of curl. That’s an issue that the argon developer has to deal with.

OK. I got it. I just published it here if anyone get the same error.
I use main snapshot build and 3 days ago I didn't see this.

Thanks. Now, can you install/use curl from luci/System/Software?

I have it included in my build config.
curl 8.6.0-1 is the current installed version.

I rest my case.

Strange things happen.
luci-theme-argon was fixed as of today but now the same error is there for config.
Anyway, I've installed it and it works.

Best Theme ever! I'm using it with 23.05.3 and downloaded it via https://fantastic-packages.github.io/packages/releases/

Please keep it up!