The wireless speed only half with 17.01.4

I use the router oya-001(7620) and tp-720n(9331), I got a router pressure test program,and the router with lede 17.01.4 or openwrt 15.05.1. I got the result the connected speed is 150Mbps, but with the test program, I watch the speed in task manager the sending speed can got to 50Mbps, and worse on oya-001 with lede 17.01.4, can only got to 20Mbps+and the tp-720n with lede 17.01.4 can got to between 30Mbps and 50Mbps. But oya-001 with newifi offical os, the sending speed can got to 90Mbps+. The newifi offical os is based openwrt. so what the problem with my config in lede and openwrt cause the sending speed is too low.
This occurs only when the connection is wireless.Wire connection speed is normal.