The static ipv6 address assigned to the client does not work

My home is connected to the Internet through PPPoE dial-up, here are my network settings

This is my static lease setup

Although the Static Lease page correctly shows the static IPv6 address of my Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi is getting a random IPv6 address

Since I'm using Snapshot builds, I'm not sure if it's a bug in the ROM itself or if there's something wrong with my settings, can anyone help me?

PS1: Raspberry Pi's DUID is correct
PS2: Raspberry Pi's IPv6 works fine

This address is a SLAAC, not DHCPv6. Run a packet capture in OpenWrt: opkg update; opkg install tcpdump; tcpdump -i br-lan -evn udp port 547
Then disconnect the RPi and reconnect it. Stop the capture with Ctrl-c. Paste here the output.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I reset OpenWRT and turned off SLAAC and it worked!

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That's weird, I have SLAAC enabled and my RPi is getting the DHCP6 address.
Also, keep in mind that there are hosts, like Android phones, which work only with SLAAC.

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The fact it's now working probably has less to do with SLAAC being disabled and more to do with the M and O RA flags having been added to the config.

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Good catch krazeh, I guess I overlooked that.

Indeed how, when I re-enabled SLAAC, my Raspberry Pi got 2 ipv6 addresses, I think the other one was obtained through SLAAC

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