The Sicret inside NetGear Wndr3700v4


I found out i wanted to open my router just to add some antennas and i found some funny things :stuck_out_tongue:

The backside (the side you see then you open the router) was kind of boring

But the front side have "a lot" of "goodies".

Here is the hole board. At the top You se Jtag and UART, and yes its market as just that Jtag and Uart, i have not test them yet because i found some more interesting :smiley:

3 unused antenna ports, that works (i think) the antenna signal gets stronger if i add a antenna on it and bad if i take it away (tested all 3 and disconnected the other ones). And it also a extra 5g antenna on the board if you dont have enough external antennas at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding the connecters to the point is kind of hard, much easier to just strip the cable and add it to the board.
And here it is lol with 7 antenna ports (im using 3 internal at the moment but the other ones is coming in the mail soon :slight_smile: