The OpenWrt Firmware Selector

@aparcar I have split up the languages in separate files:
This should conform to the "JSON i18next" format. Is that you meant? And does OpenWrt has a weblate setup?

It's now possible to translate the firmware wizard over here, the setup is not yet fully finished but it's on a good way.


It is my understanding that firmware selector uses DEVICE_MODEL from makefiles and also that there are DEVICE_ALT* variables in case the same device has another name.

However, there are only 3 ALT variables making it possible to have up to 4 names for a single profile. This is an unfortunate limitation. The device I am working on has more names than that (I guess manufacturers just have to make our lives harder, huh?).

It would be great if someone could rewrite the makefiles to use an array instead of hard-coded DEVICE_ALT0_MODEL, DEVICE_ALT1_MODEL, DEVICE_ALT2_MODEL. We could even drop the ALT variables and have DEVICE_MODEL be an array (e.g. comma or semicolon separated values?).

yes, the data comes from the DEVICE_MODEL and DEVICE_ALT* variables. There are only 3 ALT variables as it was deemed enough when they were introduced.

I do not know how hard it is to implement a higher/variable number of variables.
@aparcar any idea?

Having 4 or more should be easy, implanting it as an array… I can look into that at some point, if you feel it worthy please open an issue

I added bugs on GitLab - and

Hi, since a RC release has been announced when I am posting:

It is better to include RC release to this firmware selector (now there are only snapshot and stable releases);

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This tool is quite cool but could you please add a package selector too so we can compile with selected packages included? -

This already exists :slight_smile: -- select your router, then click on the customize twisty and you can add your packages.

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Cool this one is lit, thanks.

anyone know there are issues with ?

same error

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Why hasn't the firmware selector bug been resolved. . . I will wait to download 21.03 with kmod-inc plugin, unfortunately I won't compile, 22.03RC4 doesn't work with shadowsocks, I'm anxious and frustrated

There is always the option to run imagebuilder yourself, locally, and not to depend on donated remote services.


Please advise how to use imagebuilder, I am a novice


can we use it on ubuntu in WSL2 in Windows too?

Or get a virtual server from one of the big cloud providers, they're usually free, at least for a while.
It's not going to be fast, but I guess you're not in a hurry.

that is from 2020, we have come a long way from WSL2 in 2020.