The mt7621at’s hwnat function of openwrt18.06.2

When I open the hwnat offload function in the firewall,Save and apply,I feel It may not work,because the test speed does not increase but decreases,it makes me confuse

Might have better luck trying a newer version of OpenWRT, if your hardware supports it.

Are you using any form of QoS/SQM? Might be a good idea to ssh onto the device, run top and monitor the idle cpu usage during testing to see if hwnat is actually helping alleviate CPU load.

Thanks!I didn't open the QoS funtion,when I use the top command, I found that CPU usage did not decline

You are using an ancient version of Openwrt with known security issues. Upgrade to the latest 19.07.4 version and try again :slight_smile:

I implement an hwnat for x-wrt

it work for port to port hwnat and wifi to port hwnat