The lan client does not recognize me first installation

I already managed to install openwrt on the mini pc with the efi image.
But it has given me another problem and that is that the client computer does not recognize the device with open wrt and I don't know what configuration to put on it to make it work.
With which I can not access luci
Please help

On first boot, x86 OpenWrt will configure the first Ethernet port found as wan, the second one as lan, and any additional ports will be unattached. Only the lan one will issue an IP address (192.168.1.X) to the PC and be usable to log in. So try connecting the PC to each port, as the enumeration by the kernel may not match the manufacturer's numbers on the box.

The other thing that can happen is the NIC chips on the board are not supported by the built-in drivers, thus no ports are detected (*). You can see this with ip link show on the local keyboard/screen or a serial terminal.

  • i225 / i 226 chips require the igc driver which I think is now included.

solved was that I was putting in lan in the wan sorry

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Lan could potentially become wan, and vice versa.