The Future of the 2.4 GHz for WiFi

I'm searching for blog posts, paper and all stuff related to the 2.4 GHz network and it's future use.
If somebody has a good recommendation, I would be very happy.

802.11ax (Wifi 6).
After that you’ll need to check in with the wifi alliance to see what other task groups they’ve setup lately

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Thanks a lot!
It is completely new for me that 802.11ax is for 2.4 GHz, too. :open_mouth:
With task groups you mean basically this site: current work areas?

Yes those, but also on the ieee802.11 page (which is the one I was originally thinking of but forgot).

If you look under Group Updates > Task Groups, these are the currently active groups doing research or working on things. The particularly interesting ones (in my opinion) are AX, AY and AZ.
This site is also a good place to keep up with where these developments are up to.

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Sorry I should add that only AX out of that list is 2.4ghz related.

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