The best utilization of x86 installation

I had just put OpenWRT on Qotom Celeron J3455, 4GB RAM, and 32 GB SSD. The goal is to have use it for split tunneling through Wireguard and now it feels the HW might be pretty bored with just doing this. So I was wondering what would be the best layout to utilize it. E.g. I'm thinking about using pihole.
So far I can think of:

  1. Installing host OS and then use OpenWRT and others inside VMs
  2. Keep OpenWRT as host and try to enable Docker ( ) I'm on 19.07, as the 21.02 does not have the wireguard package yet...
  3. Keep OpenWRT as host, and use QEMU for other VMs

any opinion appreciated

OpenWrt as a QEMU guest gives me pretty good performance on C2D L7500 CPU. So I'd say option 1)

You can simply run a general-purpose Linux distribution on that hardware.
It should be significantly easier to maintain and extend for other use cases.
Something like CentOS/Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu as per your preference.


Thanks, that never occurred to me before. Although I'm capable of using command line, I guess the setup would be little bit more complicated then with OpenWRT as I don't have much experience with networking? (e.g I was planning to use package)
What distro should I look into? VyOS, ClearOS, Alpine?

Or just go with Debian?

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