The 2nd router disappeard, but keep working

Installed the SNAPSHOT of the AX6 on both my routers,
1 connnected with wan to my ISP, the other one act as "Mesh" with 802.11r and as DHCP Client.
Luci is installed on both of them.
Suddenly after an hour or so, I dont have an access to my 2nd router, and cant see it in list of my connected clients.
But it works...
Why it got disappeard? How can I access the 2nd router again now?
Tried to remove from power outlet and reconnect.. no luck

How can you tell that it's working?
How are your two routers connected, via cable? On which ports?

Thanks for your reply.
I can tell it working because I get full speed and signal when I near one of them. And they are in a distance between them (other floors)

They are connected lan to lan

I just deleted the firwall rules in the secondary AP. It can be related?

These 2 are deleted there

Suddenly I can see them in the associated list, but cant access the IP of this AP, dont know why

In your first post, you said you can't access the second AP. Now you changed firewall rules, so obviously you can connect!?

Just a wild guess, but did you change the default IP address of at least one of the routers? And did you disable DHCP on your 2nd AP by following the dumb AP tutorial:

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I chaneged firewall rules about 30min before this happend.
But does firewall affect the local lan access?

The ip was at the same range...
Main router is
And the 2nd router was