Thanks OpenWrt but I'm missing one last thing

Hello everyone, I'd like to thank the devs and friends of this site very much, because I've been using OpenWrt for almost 10 years and I've never been disappointed. Before using this fantastic software, I'd bought a netduma, but I was forced to admit that it wasn't nearly as efficient as OpenWrt,

I use this software almost exclusively for gaming.

But for some time now I've been creating a script that analyzes game servers at the time of online connection, I've tried traffic rules then banip but nothing works, I can't find the ip (range) to which I've requested access.

if anyone would like to help me develop or understand the mechanism of game servers at matchmaking time, it would be a great pleasure,

have a nice summer dear friends

my game with openwrt is amazing

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Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it ?
Good luck with that ...

After many test seems good

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