Thanks for software flow offloading

I've been using my Western Digital MyNet N750 for at least five years with openwrt and it has run great.

My internet connection has steadily improved over those years and this year my ISP upgraded us to a max of 500Mbps download and I was a little sad that my router with 18.06 only gave me about 170Mbps.

Today I flashed the 19.07rc2 from the ath79 target and saw the checkbox for software flow offloading while reviewing the interface. With software flow offloading I'm now getting the full 500Mbps!

You guys rock, thanks.


I believe this one is for you for doing tons of effort on this topic :slight_smile:


There is a warning at least on 18.06.5: "Experimental feature. Not fully compatible with QoS/SQM. "

Anyone using / knowing more about?

Well software flow offloading (or any accellerator technology for that matter) bypasses various kernel subsystems to achieve higher overall throughput. This conflicts with shapers and queue management to some extent as these need access to all packets of a flow and not just the initial handshake ones.

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Would it be possible to only enable parts of (hardware) flow offloading? I'd love to use SQM, but hardware flow offloading on my mt7621 device helps a lot with a PPPoE bottleneck:

  1. I am limited to 400 Mbit/s without flowoffloading via PPPoE
  2. I can achieve 930 Mbit/s without flowoffloading via IPoE
  3. I can achieve 930 Mbit/s with hardware flowoffloading via PPPoE

(All three tests done without SQM)

This highlights a clear PPPoE bottleneck as far as I can see. I'd love to be able to offload PPPoE encapsulation / decapsulation, and then route the packages via regular kernel subsystems so that I can apply SQM.

Edit: all good now

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