Thank you, LEDE!

It's really great to have a current distribution. Very happy with the response to the KRACK vulnerability. I see that donations have been a topic of discussion; I too would appreciate the opportunity to support LEDE.

I started using OpenWrt on a Linksys WRT1900AC about a year ago. Since then I installed several WRT1900ACS routers for our church with OpenWrt as well. While I've been quite happy with OpenWrt, the lack of updates was a definite concern. I was aware of LEDE and looked at it many months ago, but didn't get into it at that time. It looks like huge progress has been made since then!

My technical requirements are fairly modest. I'm not a networking guru and I'm lucky if I understand half of what gets discussed on the forum. I've just installed LEDE 17.01.4 on one router over the last few days and it went very well indeed. I don't anticipate issues updating the others.

Congratulations to the LEDE developers; keep up the good work! This is an important project and very much needed!


Please, don´t waste more tears!

Many of us are still using USRobotics Courier Modems on AMIGA based OS´es :wink:
Wish You all the Best!

Yes, thank you LEDE!