Tftpd64 doesn't show anything in logs

My Router: Archer a6 v3.2

Hi there, I am trying to flash Openwrt by using Tftpd since uploading the bin file didn't work.

It just says unable to install. I tried renaming it but it didn't change anything.

So I followed a few guides ,however, I can't seem to get any message in the Tftp log when reseting/booting router connected with Ethernet.

I used the IP which should be for my router in the IPv4 protocol. I disabled the Firewall completely and I used TCP to see whether a connection is established (it is).

So now I am stuck here and have no idea what to do.

Thanks in advance

TFTPd isn't ULing anything, the router's supposed to pull the image.

who says ?

wrong IP, reread the git commit.

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Sorry, I meant, I did set it up correctly in the IPv4 protocol.

I get the unable to install message when I enter the routers interface by connecting to it and going into the administration panel.

since you're trying to use TFPT, I assume you've got serial up and running ?

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Sorry, I am not aware of what a serial is. Honestly speaking, I was careful when I picked my nickname.

In that case, drop the TFTP idea, you need additional hw to make it work.

you could try an older openwrt version -

or play around with different versions of the official a6 firmware, assuming there
any available.

I wasn't aware of that. Looking at some youtube videos all I could see what an ethernet cable and power supply.

It seems like the router is unable to boot older versions as well.

Would there be anything else I can do to try and upload a bin file except making sure that the name file isn't too long?

Connect an Ethernet switch between the router and the PC. The switch is always on, so the PC port does not go down when the router is turned off to reboot.

If you have another PC you can try to TFTP the file from your server the same as the router would. Windows 10 ships with a CLI based TFTP client but it may need to be enabled with the Windows Features setting in the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

You can also run this test with the TFTP client on the same PC that is running the server. This tests if the server software is working but does not prove that there is not a firewall interfering like testing from outside would.

In pushbutton recovery you have to name the file on the server to exactly match what the bootloader requests. Without serial you can't choose the name.

The bootloader always pulls the whole file then examines the headers to decide if it should flash it. So if you're using the wrong version the server will still show a transfer.