Tftpbooting OpenWrt

Is it possible to tftpboot OpenWrt?

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Yes. In fact, that's the method used to facilitate permanent flashing on some devices.

Do you have a pointer showing how to do this?

That depends on your hardware, not every router looks for the same server IP e.g., and filenames tend to depend on your hardware as well. Check the Table of Hardware for your device.

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I'd like to boot OpenWrt x86 via TFTP/PXE... I can boot Arch Linux via an ISO, and it would be nice to do the same with OpenWrt... Maybe I can make an ISO from a bootable USB stick, if an ISO is not available...

try with ipxe something like this in ipxe file (adjust the paths)

menu Live environments
item openwrt              Boot OpenWrt Project
item --key 0x08 back      Back to top menu...
iseq ${menu-default} menu-live && isset ${submenu-default} && goto menu-live-timed ||
choose selected && goto ${selected} || goto start
choose --timeout ${submenu-timeout} --default ${submenu-default} selected && goto ${selected} || goto start

echo Booting OpenWrt Project
set base-url images/openwrt
kernel ${base-url}/openwrt-x86-64-vmlinuz
initrd ${base-url}/openwrt-x86-64-rootfs-squashfs.img console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/ram0
boot || goto failed
goto start

Thanks for the suggestion.... I tried adding the following entry to pxelinux.cfg default... (I'm not that familiar with ipxe)

          MENU LABEL OpenWrt
          kernel imagesOpenWrt/openwrt-x86-generic-vmlinuz
          append initrd ${base-url}/openwrt-x86-generic-rootfs-squashfs.img console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/ram0

It did start to boot, I got the messages

Decompressing Linux
Booting the kernel.

before it stopped. Maybe there are some command line parameter available to mke it get further

should be imagesOpenWrt
and maybe other options to the kernel directive

Sorry, that was a typo. The correct files got loaded.

As for other options, I don't know what is available or how to find out.