Tftp recovery for Archer C6

Hey everybody,
I am pretty new to the OpenWrt topic and so i accidentally bricked my TP-Link Archer C6 Router today.
After some research I tried to recover it using tftp64 on Windows using this guide here
The upload seems to work, the tftp server reported 100% with in 5 seconds, which seems appropriate considering the size of arround 5 MB. I wasn able to use a 100Mbit switch between the router and the computer running the tftp server, because i dont have such switch. For falshing I used the OpenWrt Install Firmware.
After flasing the firmware the router starts powercycling all the time, with no progress at all.
Is there any major mistake with my approach?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Even though it "should work" with the OpenWRT firmware (make sure you are using the factory...and not sysupgrade firmware), you might try the stock firmware.

Make sure you are using the correct region firmware (i.e. US, EU, etc.)

I also made a couple of config changes to TFTPD64 for my Archer C7 v2...

Thanks, @anon89577378 I will give it a try this weekend.