Tftp flashing from PC directly connected?

While browsing through the wiki I stumbled upon this section for a this device for tftp flashing.

The bit that stood out was this:

Note: Make sure the router and the PC are connected directly, not through a switch (more info)

Unfortunately the forum link directs to the old site that got lost/corrupted.

Just thought I’d ask if anyone here remembers why it would be preferable to connect the PC to the target openwrt device for tftp flashing , since the usual recommendation is to use a switch in between.

Switches can be programmable (Vlans, etc). Also some latency is involved. I would recommend physical connection if it is possible

I assumed my question would make sense on the devs area, what I’m referring to is this recommendation for tftp flashing. (I’ve had to use this method myself for this exact reason)

:!: Put a hub or switch between the router and the computer , this will make sure that the local computer link is up before the boot_wait period is passed. This is a requirement to make TFTPwork on computers where the local link is brought up too late and is usually simpler than trying to force the link to stay up instead

I’m curious because obviously there was some particularly reason why this archer model needed to be directly connected, and would like to know why if anyone still remembers.


There is no reason. Anyways you won`t be able to get connection. Not speaking of flashing.

Edit: if you do so, please report

The post you are looking for:

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Thanks very much for digging that out. :+1:

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