TFTP Boot with OpenWrt using Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD


I am trying to get my RB951G-2HnD to boot using a DHCP Server/TFTP Network Boot. Trying is the right word, for the life of me I cannot get the box to actually boot.

From the OpenWRT site I have taken the initramfs ELF files and tried to use these, I can see from the DHCP server does see the router start and begin to send the ELF file -- but the router does nothing. I had thought to solder a serial port on so that I could see if anything has happening but the model will nto support that (while having markings on the motherboard, seems to not support me).

Can someone reassure me, the 951G does support a network boot? What an I doing wrong - is there a secret that I am not aware of.
I have previous done a lot of network boots with the hAP Lite by Mikrotik, this seems to be acting very little like that at all.

Can someone please help me :S

Thanks heaps


I don't have the device, but usually the wiki has useful information.
Also some relevant threads:

Thanks heaps!

You're welcome, I hope it helps!
Let us know how it went and if something needs to be added to the wiki.