Testing Mwan3 failover with same gateway

I want to test Mwan3 fail over with the same gateway and I am getting a strange behavior.

wan port behaves normally when it comes to failover
wanb behaves strange - when using ping -I <gateway> - the gateway is responding
- when using ping <gateway> - the gateway is defaulting to the wan src interface looking for the gateway on that interface

Somehow the routing table persists after wan goes down and Mwan3 looks for the gateway on the wrong interface.

I think mwan expects different gateways on different interfaces, so you should add another router to at least have two different gateway IPs for the device you are testing.

So main router -> device with mwan
and main router -> WAN of another router with a different IP -> device with mwan

So you are still using one internet connection but you have two different gateway IPs for the device with mwan

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There is still problem accessing the gateway from wanb, because of the routing table in Mwan3. This setup however is good for low resources testing.
The more proper setup would be:
main router > intermediate router one > device with mwan
main router > intermediate router two > device with mwan

Anyway thanks for the fast reply.

In my example, wana gateway is main router and wanb gateway is the second router, so the wanb should ping the second router, not the main router.

Sure, just tested it. I was able to get access to gateway through wan, but mwan3 due to available record in the routing table was defaulting to wan. Anyway, the mwan3 needs at least two different gateways to test properly. Thanks for the hint.

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