Testing mainline kernel 5.14 on Linksys WRT3200

@anon80727944 I uploaded to my dropbox a new build, I added bonding, tested and working ok on the WRT3200.

Thanks. Will test when I get home.

Do the DSA drivers support multiple CPUs to allow greater than 1Gbps combined throughput?

@LGA1150 had me test a build that supported it. I stopped testing it when we couldn’t figure out why it would not route traffic properly from WLAN to the bonded interface

No, but see PR4036

We'll thanks for the new images. I tried to enable 5GHz wifi channel, tried WPA3, WPA2/3 Mixed, WPA2. All of which will not allow me to connect.

Initially, I tried the wrt1900acv1 sysupgrade BIN file, then tried the factory IMG file with same results.

I didn't even both to set up a bonding interface to eliminate that as a contributor.

I think this is a similar issue I had with @LGA1150 's builds that would not properly route traffic from WLAN to LAN side.

Reverting back to 21.02.0rc4, which I have not had any problems with any WPA2/3 mode.