Testing Discourse bug: No bold formatting of text in parentheses

Is it just me or are other users experiencing this too?

No bold formatting for (text) in parentheses**(text)**, when there are leading or trailing characters around the parentheses.

Example text in which we want to highlight (5255):

1.0.15 Build 20200721 rel.40773(5255)

40773**(5255)** -> NOK

Now we add a single dot at the end of the first line.
Notice how 1st, 2nd + 3rd line change:


Playing around with other examples

No parentheses: All is OK.

parentheses -> OK
parentheses -> OK
aparentheses1 -> OK
aparenthesesa -> OK
aparentheses.1 -> OK
aparentheses#1 -> OK
aparentheses?1 -> OK

With parentheses: Strange things happen.

No bold formatting for (text) in parentheses**(text)**

parentheses -> OK
(parentheses) -> OK
**(parentheses)**1 -> NOK
(parentheses).1 -> OK
**(parentheses)**a -> NOK
(parentheses).a -> NOK
(parentheses)#1 -> OK
(parentheses)?1 -> OK

a**(parentheses)1 -> NOK
(parentheses)**1 -> NOK

a**(parentheses)**1 -> NOK

Two times the same line, separated by blank line

paren**(thes)**es -> NOK

paren**(thes)**es -> NOK

Same as above, except no blank line separation

(paren)theses -> NOK
-> NOK

I believe this to be a bad side-effect of the way this particular implementation of Markdown processing is in the forum. The fact that parens are part of URL and image references makes this difficult. From what I've observed, this is not limited to Discourse forums - other Markdown sites show the same problem. If you feel strongly about it - log an issue to Discourse.

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Yeah, I already got a similar reply (Markdown issue that they can do nothing about) in the discourse forum.

Thanks for your feedback and this hint though:

Workaround: Add a space before the to be highlighted part:
rel.40773 (5255)

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