[testers needed] [21.02, snapshot] collectd-exec scripts to collect Lantiq DSL values

Since the process of retrieving DSL values has completely changed between 19.07 and 21.02 and the set of scripts I originally wrote for this purpose will not work anymore ... I completely rewrote it.

Files and instructions are at

I now have a luxury problem: The DSL line to the device on which I am testing this terminates only a few meters later in an FTTB box and the line hardly ever throws any errors. The errors graphs do work, and they should display meaningful data (they are a direct transplant from a related setup), but I have no way to judge it. Feedback is very welcome.


Small update: For reasons only known to aliens from Epsilon Eridiani who won't share their knowledge, the logfile occasionally shows collectd moaning:

daemon.err collectd[4941]: exec plugin: Program `/usr/lib/collectd/exec/exec-lantiqdsl.sh' has closed STDERR.

Since this only happens once every hour or so, with the script otherwise having been run well over a hundred times without issue, I suspect this is some sort of race condition.

Superficially, I had some luck putting a small sleep in the end of the script before exiting, but I'm still observing if that really makes a difference.

Edit: Welp, it still happens. Not as often, about once in 3 or 4 hours, but it still does throw this occasional error. If anyone is any wiser about why this happens, and how to avoid it, please speak up.

Get a drill or any motor with brushes and play with it next to the line

I'll wait until the cleaning woman is using the vacuum next time.

  • ubusd needs to be restarted to pick up the amended access control list. There is probably a better/less brutal way to restart ubusd, but I am not aware of it. Suggestions welcome.

/etc/init.d/rpcd reload ?

[OpenWrt Wiki] rpcd: OpenWrt ubus RPC daemon for backend server

This restarts rpcd, but does it restart ubusd?