Tester With GL.iNet AR-300M (Not -Lite Version)?

I'm working on the DTS files for the GL.iNet AR-300M series but don't have a NAND-equipped version in hand. Some of the changes I'm looking at impact how the DTS defines the NAND filesystem (not its format, just how the files are organized) as well as the GPIO that controls the USB power (not present on my AR-300M-Lite).

Edit: I've been able to confirm that the DTB generated from the DTS files is "as expected" with my changes relative to master. For anyone wanting to "decompile" a DTB, the following "works for me".

$ sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler

$ dtc -I dtb -o -  /home/jeff/devel/openwrt/build_dir/target-mips_24kc_musl/linux-ath79_nand/image-qca9531_glinet_gl-ar300m-nand.dtb

Since I can't check these with a "live" device myself, would you let me know if you're willing to check the "official, snapshot" build and, assuming it is working, a couple builds for me? I can supply the sysupgrade image, along with the differences to master and the point at which they were applied.

(This is not intended to be a general "community" release. The hope is that the changes will be merged into master and available through the official "snapshot" builds.)