Terminating some of my home traffic from a friend ISP connection

Hi all!

I've the following bad idea in my mind:

And i've the following tool: a small TPLink device running OpenWRT and eventually another one at home or pfSense router (what's will be easiest!)

My needs is that a device in my home will reach out to the internet from a friend of mine home connection (with another ISP).

The reason is super simple: i've Iliad as ISP at home and "SKY Q Senza Parabola" wich deny the vision if you are not using one of the ISP they have agreements with.

That's simply crazy and against net-neutrality, and to be 100% clear i'm not talking about cross-country licensing problem. I'm in Italy, and i've an Italian land line with Iliad and i've an Italian SKY contract.
With another provider i was able to see, but now i've migrated to Iliad and i can't anymore!

What would you suggest to put in place this link?

I would love to have a VNET at home which get IP addresses from the OpenWRT server in my friend home and then data routed from my friend home ISP connection to internet for that specific VNET at my home.

Thanks for any suggestion!

Looks like you need a VPN, and there are lots of guides and posts about setting up a server or a client VPN on OpenWrt.

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Not sure if a VPN is just enough for what I would like to achieve.
Of course, a VPN will be in the recipe... but probably something more.