Tenda RX9pro has no wisp . help please

I purchased this router to find it does not have the wisp feature most tenda routers have . I researched it on (git hub )and did find file with what i need but I don't know how to use the file .I would like to just copy the wisp file and add it to my existing factory open wrt installed files . Ver multi.TDE01.bin . If this is possible ? The Get Hub file does mention. Hidden file off? (wisp) I've been reading so much info that my head is about to pop . I did open the files with an ISO program .But now I have read that I could do this thru Puddy as well . I am thinking this is not so hard to do with help from someone here . Thank you for reading this .

I cannot find the RX9pro in the table of hardware, so I assume that you are running a manufacturer provided firmware. If that's the case, you need to contact Tenda, this forum is about OpenWrt (which your firmware might be based on, but since we don't know what Tenda has modified, we cannot provide support for it).

Thank you for the fast reply . it is a openwrt firmware. and Im aware that it is not supported here. I was hoping someone here could assist me on how to add the wisp to the firmware file to the router as it is listed in the github files .

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