Tenda AC9 can not install OpenWrt 18 to 22 series

After I install 18 to 22 series, the Router fails to start. The network card is not assigned to an IP.
Installing the 17 series works fine.
How can the new series of the system run normally?

Tried upgrading from 17 to 18 ?

I tried. The same problem.

And it's not an AC9 v2 ?

How to check its version?

No idea, for this specific device, start by checking sticker on back/bottom.

I checked, I don't know is V1 or V2, but it is used BCM53xx. Please see the attached picture.

Hello, anybody can help? Tenda AC9 can't work on 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 series. Only can work on 17 series.