Tenda AC23 China Version

Request Openwrt firmware for :point_right: Tenda AC23 ( China Version ). TQ !

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If it's not listed as supported, then it isn't supported.

There are, by definition, no plans to support any device, nor is there anyone waiting for support requests. Device support happens, if someone with the device on their desk starts working on porting it for their needs, there is no project budget to buy 'every device on the market' nor any work assignments to get a device supported 'by noon, or else'.

Given the hardware specification, OpenWrt support for this device is very unlikely, there is no support at all for the Realtek RTL8197FH SOC (at least mips24k and no lexra, but still), nor decent wireless drivers for RTL8197FH && RTL8814BR - this situation is not very likely to change in the future, considering that the device is very low-end in comparison (1 GHz mips24k, 8/64) and the uncooperative wireless chipset.


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