Templates for zabbix 4.x

Is there a template for version 4.4 of zabbix that works ?, those that exist at https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/network_monitoring/zabbix give error when you import them.

I know I can use snmp to collect metrics but I would like to do it with the zabbix agent.

Thank you

Those were written in 2013, BTW, they likely work for Zabbix 3. Also, I'm guessing that means you found the agent, which is also version 3?

Perhaps you should ping the maintainer and see if it can be upgraded in time for version 19.

Thanks! Will try that.

Any update ? Would like to try zabbix 4, too, on openwrt.

One of the reasons why I chose OpenWRT over some of the others when reflashing my devices was that it had a recent Zabbix agent available. But I /really/ struggled getting that old 2.0 template to import. Well, I finally did it! It's not perfect and I will start working on the items that don't quite work yet later (I will gladly accept patches/fixes!). But this does load into Zabbix 4.4.7.

Good luck!

Can you properly make a request for this to be added to the repository?

Which repository? I'm not sure the template fits with the OpenWRT repo, but I've put templates on share.zabbix.com before so I can submit this one there too if you'd like.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are you running an agent on OpenWRT that responds to the templates you've modified to work with Z4 and now Z5? If so, will you please let us know which agent?

From the LUCI interface System->Software then filter on zabbix. At least that's how I installed mine. It's an older version (4.0) but it works for me. If you need to pull them manually, I think you can do that here.