Temp passwords?

Raspberry Pi 4.

For example I operate cafe or just having some random party and I don’t need some persons to connect to my network 24/7.

For example:
Guest 1 uses password “Password1” - which set to infinite session
Guest 2 uses password “Password2” - which set to 120 minutes after which password becomes invalid

What you're asking is called "captive portal".

If it was just "some random party at my home", I'd just set up a regular guest network (which is explained here: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/guestwifi/configuration_webinterface), set the guest password to an easy string during my party and change it back to something semi-secret afterwards.

But that doesn't cover "individual credentials per user", doesn't cover "credentials that become invalid after a per-user setting" and isn't something I would want to do more often than once every couple of weeks.

Since you're suggesting a commercial use case for that ("I operate a cafe"), you're clearly asking for a captive portal. I have never configured one myself, but at least you now know what to search for.

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check this:

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