How to decide, which device-variant I just got ?


ath79: add support for Teltonika RUT955 H7V3C0

This board was previously supported in ar71xx as 'RUT9XX'. The
difference between that and the other RUT955 board already supported in
ath79 is that instead of the SPI shift registers driving the LEDs and
digital outputs that model got an I2C GPIO expander instead.
11x LED (4 are driven by AR9344, 7 by PCA9539)

  • RUT955 -> SPI shift registers driving the LEDs
  • RUT955 H7V3C0 -> I2C GPIO expander (PCA9539) driving the LEDs

Open up the case and check what is driving the LEDs.

According to logic, to open the case then should not be necessary. According to my own post RUT955: Different variants
HC955 since batch no. 17. As my device is from batch 084, I should have a RUT955, then.
Thanx for the reminder.

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