Teltonika RUT955 install

Hello. I want to install openwrt on this router. I've read just about every RUT955 topic and the problems with the different modems and am a bit confused by it. Can you please advise me if my model is going to work out of the box with the latest (23.05) release and which version to install (H7V3C0 or the other)? It has the internal sim card slots. Info from the web interface:

Firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.2

Product code RUT955H7V020
Batch number 0021
Hardware revision 0505

Model EC25
FW version EC25EFAR02A06M4G

I can extract more info from it with a root shell if needed.

It is fully supported:

What HVAC are you willing to install?

H7V3C0 or the other? If something goes wrong, i lose my only internet connection.

then I suggest you don't change anything - you should always plan for the worst case scenario !