Teltonika new devices RUTX11

Hey All,
I am in the US and have finally found an RUT955-v. The device is not certified for use in the US, but it does work. As I am just getting set up I got wind of their new device, the RUTX11. THe new device is certified for the US and faster than the RUT955. Is there a roadmap for OpenWRT development and future supported devices? If so, I would like to add the RUTX11 to it.

There are no centralized development schedules for new devices, it all depends on the the individual contributors. Once you've got your device working on master, post a pull request on github or mail your patch set to the mailing list and react to the feedback. It's done when it's done, and merged once it's merged - regardless of any schedules.

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Thanks for the info. I have not looked at the docs for doing my own device patch, but that might be the way to go. Thanks again.

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