Telephone on Lantiq,xrx200 ZyXEL P2812HNUF1

I'm trying to get the FXS ports on my router alive. I installed asterisk15-chan-lantiq which pulled a lot of other packages, including kmod-ltq-ifxos, kmod-ltq-tapi and kmod-ltq-vmmc.

After a reboot I saw in the kernel log:
[ 26.674801] IFX_MPS: CPU1 base address is invalid!
[ 26.678345] IFX_MPS: firmware download error (-1)!

A grep in /lib/modules showed that this message originates in drv_vmmc.ko.
The FXS ports are powered, but dead. (No dialtone, or something like that. Don't know if there should be a dialtone, with an unconfigured asterisk)

Am I missing something? Do I have to provide firmware?

Yes, you likely need drivers for the FXS ports.

Meanwhile I have a dialtone. More here

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