Telekom Speedport Smart 3

I bought this router today because it was dirty cheap, so I'm trying to get some info and figure out what to do with it.

What i know so far:

  1. Based on Speedport W 925V - both build by arcadyan (wiki page)
  2. Hardware wise it looks good - 4x4 mu-mimo etc
  3. Going through the GPL info it uses OpenWRT and is probably Lantiq architecture

I'm thinking:

  1. Just update it with latest FW and use it as normal router with some SBC (I have OrangePis) running behind it for vpn or a x86 mobo from laptop (i have some of those too) for vpn and NAS
  2. Get a SBC/x86 with 2 lans for router with OpenWRT and have the speedport smart 3 as AP
  3. Open it, attach serial and probably break it...

With the same plan but with a bit more digging around I got a Phicomm k3, unfortunately dead, i can't get it to respond on serial.

Currently i'm using d-link 860l but want to get a bit more speed from my laptop to my nas (hence my hopes on mu-mimo).

If you have more info for the hardware of this router please share, it seems quite a nice device to try poking it with serial with my limited knowledge.

You can download a firmware image for it, but it's obfuscated and/or encrypted in a way different to the firmwares of previous speedports as well as routers made by Arcadyan it seems. :frowning:

Thanks @Hypfer
I was going through the latest exploits, but i don't think it is using luci. Anyway will dig more, tried it as AP but the speeds weren't great, i suspect because it was sitting next to my current router. Want to try it as a normal router but it doesn't have the ability to change the MAC address of the WAN port (to my current router's one) which is needed for my ISP.

I couldn't make it run as a normal router - i hooked my ISP lan cable to the Link port and picked "Other Internet Provider", however I believe it supports only PPPOE which is not what i need. Also tried daisy chaining it to my current router, but it doesn't request an ip.

next thing is probably use it as AP until I can figure something else to do with it.... or crack it open and see what we got in it.