Telekom router as WWAN ipv4 but no IPv6


first my english is not that good SORRY for that.

I share my internet with my neighbor. She has Telekom Hybrid (german Telekom that combinat DSL and LTE).
It was very Simple to connect my router with the Speedport hybrid, works very fine! But now commes my problem, I GET no Ipv6. I made a new interface that i called wwan6 than i set the pysical interface to wwan and the firewall setting to RED (wan,wan6,wwan). under interface can see the ipv6 that the router got. I can ping over termial Ipv6 servers. But the clients dont get an ipv6. I try every mode with the dhcpv6 (server,relay.....). When iam set up as a server i get an ipv6 BUT no internet (same for hybrid). Can someone help me?

  • Did you neighbor configure their router to issue an IPv6 prefix to you (in order to assign IPv6 addresses to LAN)?

If not, you will only get IPv6 on the WWAN interface.

ifstatus wwan6