Telekom Media Receiver MR303 to give away

My IPTV contract ran out and the Telekom doesn't want to get the Media Receiver 303 back.

To be precise:
1&1 IP-TV MediaCenter 1.0
Sticker on casing: HW 2.4
Sticker on PCB: Ver:0103
Sticker on flash memory: STB-3012_WS2_TT

Not sure if this is exactly a MR303 A, which seems to be STB3011 i/o STB3012.

I couldn't find anything useful in regards to linux support for this box, but at least it contains some salvagable parts (500GB HDD, power supply, display, ...)

Is anybody interested in this device?
I would give it away for free, except for the shipping cost (6,- Euro for Germany; no Paypal available).

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