Telegram bot for pinging ip address

why, should you explain? I just install openwrt and linux for that purpose without any additional knowledge of it, if it`s not hard for you?

or just use that script?

it's not a question whether it's hard for me, but if it is for you ...

have you already studied the links provided ?

would that be your C code, or my shell script ?

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Can you explain the issues you're having with OpenWrt?

Also, feel free to ask questions. You posted source code, so it's difficult to determine your level of expertise.

yeah, i read them before asking, but some errors appeared whick i can`t solve. For me it will be better to run my C code. So i tried to undesrand what i need to make it work. I tried to follow that instructions, but in the very beginning some packages give error(i can provide screens if you need?).

I am a complete begginer in linux, but have some experience with c++, so write my code using it. The main problem is to understand what am i supposed to do next. I just need to ping the ip address every n seconds, but i don`t know work it or not if i have no electricity at home, because earlier i just run all the code in sandbox(just in a visualstudio compiler)

If you don’t have power then there’s no way for your computer or router to be operating?

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problem isn't the alerts, it's the code you're trying to run on the router,
if you want to have it run elsewhere, your problem isn't with openwrt.

you've already have been provided with alternative solutions.

and we still don't know what device you've got.

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The same as on any system, compile it.


Perhaps this is a language/translation anamoly, as I incorrectly understood you want to run software on a device that has no power.

OK, I'm not 'trippin.

You'd compile it. See above.

exactly, every n hours a day i have electricity restrictions. That`s why i need to check if i have light at home or no. And the main problem that nothing working at that time, the same result if you pull your pc and router from the socket

have the router send proof of life with a certain frequency, while it's working, if they stop coming, it's down.

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I have xiaomi mi 4a gigabit version. Sorry for being stupid, but i just dont know work it or not if there is no electricity for that devices. For example, if i run the code on router but then the electricity turn off, the program continue to happen and send messages on telegram or no?

you might want to reread what I just posted.

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No, absolutely not, no chance ever. If the router is off the code stops.

This seems like you’re trying to troll us. Move along.

thats what im asking for, maybe i need to run it somewhere in cloud if i have no electricity but need to check the response from router?

so, we're actually back to where we were 3 hrs ago Telegram bot for pinging ip address - #4 by frollic

think outside the box, for a while.

as suggested, 3 hrs ago.

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no_electricity + electrical_device == :skull_and_crossbones:

(The same concepts of electrical science/engineering apply for routers too.)

:open_mouth: ...ummmm, OK.

:student: :teacher:


sorry for wasting your time, i really overthink it, then just to train and gain some real experience i tried to run it in a cloud, thanks for being patient.

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