Technicolor TG789MYRvac v2 HP install openwrt?

Hi, I am completely new to openwrt. But I followed some online tutorial to ssh to my Technicolor TG789MYRvac v2 HP. The init ui is like this

BusyBox v1.23.2 (2016-09-27 07:21:20 CST) built-in shell (ash)

  _______              __           __              __             
 |_     _|.-----.----.|  |--.-----.|__|.----.-----.|  |.-----.----.
   |   |  |  -__|  __||     |     ||  ||  __|  _  ||  ||  _  |   _|
   |___|  |_____|____||__|__|__|__||__||____|_____||__||_____|__|  
                 N E X T   G E N E R A T I O N   G A T E W A Y
  * 1 oz Vodka          Pour all ingredients into mixing
  * 1 oz Triple Sec     tin with ice, strain into glass.
  * 1 oz Orange juice

Product: vbnt-l_myrepublic
Release: Aqua (16.3)
Version: 16.3.7190-2761005-20161004084353-501361d1f0abcd3206e49f0897c4a6cca07a114d

Hash config:         501361d1f0abcd3206e49f0897c4a6cca07a114d
Hash openwrt:        5b10c7a6e3871178c5c796665b652ce40dbda168
Hash kernel:         63803e8e49ed4d5b03463853e8c33b7fa7884c8b
Hash custo:          bec88dfc4ce9b45a79ba76a0738672018a313685
Hash packages:       5cf55b5e7a5bde79d5de52973ae5321b3a256b67
Hash routing:        7b853f235ce96cd14f3abaebf9253c5ca7f72f7d
Hash lte:            2d19ebf49df796b9e83e7cbf45c54ecb25572836
Hash mindspeed:      91b6a7a4d703268d6023c3a58da3d33fc62e7ed8
Hash technicolor:    e2b30c63469c0a87a2edce59e95aeca0ca76d34a

Bootloader: 2.0.89

Does it mean it could install openwrt? Please look at Hash openwrt

No, just because a vendor has used (a typically ancient) OpenWrt as a basis for their OEM SDK (usually ripping out the essential parts and replacing them with semi-closed historic kernels and proprietary kernel modules) doesn't mean that they've contributed support back to OpenWrt - even less for Broadcom SOCs.

So sad to hear that. But thanks for your reply.

Good weekend!

can you share the acs server of myrepublic? @ gamesover

sorry, what's acs server? I don't follow your question quite well

For other people who is interested in installing openwrt to this 789 model. I followed to install LUCI succeefully. To me, it is a completely openwrt system now.

BTW, you'd better to read some brief introductions about how to install openwrt totorial besides the above blog link.

Can I upgrade current old version openwrt to latest version?

technicolor-tg789vac-v2 has 400MHZ cpu, 256M ram and 128M flash. It should fit for latest version openwrt for hardware perspective.

What makes you believe that the underlying situation has changed since February?

The device still isn't supported, given the WLAN/ modem/ FXS situation it's unlikely that anyone will suddenly want to port OpenWrt to it - and even if they did, modem/ FXS would still not be functional and WLAN barely so.

Sorry, I am not familiar with openwrt system.

It seems I installed LUCI web gui only. But I am very happy with LUCI.