Techdata page link to the snapshots firmware instead of the release?

it this on purpose? (the help text says it should be the snapshot!)
I assume most "normal users" would install the release version and not the snapshot.
And therefore shouldn't the techpage link to the release version instead?
As a first-time-user I installed the snapshot by mistake for the same reason :-(.
I would never expect the firmware link would be to the snapshot version (I didn't read the full URL in details I admit).

A very-quick off-topic question: To revert to the release version, should I first install the ...factory image or go directly to ...sysupgrade?

You can sysupgrade between versions. No need for factory firmware.

And there is no release version yet, just the first release candidate versions. Until yesterday there was only the snapshot version...

Oh yea, I now see the ....17.01.0-rc1 in the URL :stuck_out_tongue:
So do "we" agree the I can change the link to the RC1 version instead of the snapshot?
I mean the RC1 will still be better for the average "normal" user then the snapshot, in my view.?


No need to adjust the links now, because tomorrow it will be rc2, the day after rc3, and eventually 17.01. You don't want to change >600 devices every week, but only once when final 17.01 is released.

Well, I couldn't resist, wrote a short script and updated the download links + support status to 17.01.0-rc1
With this script, it is easy to update to whatever version is desired, without having to edit every single dataentry.

You're a man of action :stuck_out_tongue:
Thumbs up!