Techdata: add new dropdown value: "Routerboard"

Hi, I edited Data entry end found there is no "Device Type" dropdown value corresponded.
Could we add "Routerboard" there?

Also, I suggest adding "Picture" column to Table of Hardware: LTE Modem supported view. It would be much easier then to identify devices from a single place.

Place to specify "indoor/outdoor" information is also needed: not sure where it is, maybe add "Device Type" also? Or put it to Comments. That place is also should be presented on the "Table of Hardware" view.


Before doing so, we need to define what a Routerboard is and how we discern Routerboards and Single Board Computers. What makes a device clearly a Routerboard and what a Single Board Computer?

Can do so, BUT: Only 5 of 20 devices listed do have a picture in their dataentry :-/

In order to make this Picture column usefull, $someone (the OpenWrt community, i.e. everyone reading this) needs to add pictures for more devices.

Yes, good idea that I had already on the todo list:

Shall we, and if yes, how can we show that a device is suitable for outdoor use?

  • e.g. via devicetype “Wifi AP outdoor” (do other, non-AP outdoor devices exist?) → easiest to implement
  • e.g. via separate datafield “Outdoor” [yes|no] → most general usage, independant of devicetype
  • e.g. via general comments → not prefered since hard to search

Until we have found and implemented a place in the dataentries for "outdoor", those devices are shown via the outdoor tag:

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Thank you for your answers @tmomas!

Didn't think about it :-/ Maybe Routerboard implies some peripheral on-board?
Until then, I'll set it to Single Board Computer.

Hmm, maybe I have an idea: Single Board Computer might imply case, but Routerboard means the board only. How about that?

I think I could add some for myself. What pictures number do you expect?

I've already put it in the comments. Until better place is found, maybe it's worth to add comments field to view anyway?

Uhm, no. RPi comes without case, as do many other SBC.

Not sure if I understand the question correctly.
One device - one picture in the dataentry.
Is that what you were asking for?

I meant amount of pics enough to add Pics column on view.

The more the better.
Ideally, all devices shown should have a picture.

Can I disagree on this, Mikrotik use the term Routerboard for all of their hardware products, see and

This would make it very hard for anyone with a Mikrotik to search by device type.