TD-W9980 V1 Full eeprom Dump needed

Hello , dears

I am looking for a full dump of eeprom , in order to restore my dead router with ch341A mini programmer.

Does anyone have any such a backup or any mtd's backup images

Happy holidays.
Sorry to read about TD-W9980 router. Have you considered U-Boot extraction from stock firmware and eeprom installation with your ch341A mini programmer or a suitable tool?

Best regards and happy holidays.

hello Amat, Happy Holidays

the u-boot bootloader works fine , and the board also boot. My problem is that there is no wifi interfaces , i assumed that my radio partition (mtd6) was somehow corrupted .

I had made mtd backup images but i losted it.

Please use ethernet port to flash. The instructions and links are at for your convenience.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays.