TD-W8980 - New to OpenWrt, can I roll back?

Hi, I just won a box of old network in an Auction. The only one so far that is working is a TP-LINK TD-W8980 v.10 that is a Modem+Router.

I'd like to install OpenWrt on it. It has
Firmware version: 0.6.0 1.5 v000e.0 Build 140408 Rel.49241n
Hardware version: TD-W8980 v1 00000000

I read here about the lower than v12... so I should be OK to use the current TP-web-interface to install. Yes/No??

IF I install 19.0.7 on it and something is not working, can I roll it back to the factory image?

I checked the TP-Link site and the latest is 150514 so if I had to roll back, I'd like to roll back to a less-than 12... image to leave an easy option open to use OpenWrt some time in the future. Where might I get one lower than 12...?

I will make a backup of this 6... image before the install. IF I have to roll back, can I use the OpenWrt web-interface to do so with the backup? The last time I used OpenWrt, about 5-years back, I was not able to roll back with whatever router and version it was and I bricked it trying to use the Serial approach. Once bitten, twice shy. :slight_smile:


Table of hardware: TP-Link TD-W8980

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How is that any HELP?? I mentioned I had read that stuff to get the information on the version 12 and below issue. Where did you assume I read that?

Interesting to see that HELP here has not changed in the 5-years since I last tried using this Firmware.

Totally useless still. Way to go advance interest in alternative router firmware. Thanks for nothing, I'll check in in another 5-years. Ha!

Chill, please. Just because the very first answer you got wasn't helpful to you doesn't mean that people are not willing to help.

As far as I know, the TP-Link TD-Wx9x0 devices can only be restored to OEM firmware through a serial connection. Since you already have a serial working to make a backup you will likely be able to restore that backup in the reverse way you made it (otherwise what's the point of making a backup in the first place?)

Other than that, the W8980 is very similar to the W8970, so the restoration process outlined might work, too.

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