[TD-W8980] Modem details

Hello everyone .

i got my hands on a TP-link TD-W8980

And it says that its only ADSL2+ (fine for my application at the moment )

At the Toh , on the OpenWRT support page for the device
it says

Is this a mistake or TP-link didnt bother to enable vdsl on this device ?

I guess they didn't. Honestly I wouldn't know, I never used the manufacturer's firmware on it.

The modem chipset is perfectly capable of doing VDSL2 (ITU-T G.993.2/30a), with OpenWrt this works out of the box -- I am running one right now as we speak. If you upload a more capable modem firmware file it can even do Vectoring (ITU-T G.993.5 Annex A/17a). However, it is not able to do Supervectoring (ITU-T G.993.5 Annex Q/35b), the chipset is too old for that.

The SoC is a different topic, though. It is barely able to route 100 mbit and sweating profusely when trying, even if its modem can provide more line speed than that.

TechInfoDepot specs say ADSL2+

TP-link TD-W8980

And they are wrong. The VR9 chipset can do VDSL2 up to 17a. I am literally looking at it doing it right now.


You should probably tell them.

Looks like TP-Link themselves need a correction...

Does it have vectoring !!!!!????

wow .

also , @takimata generaly how is this CPE with OpenWRT ? could it handle a openVPN server to accses a ssh instance? (nothing too bandwidth intensive )

edit , i saw this :

The SoC is a different topic, though. It is barely able to route 100 mbit and sweating profusely when trying, even if its modem can provide more line speed than that.

...this will be ...intresting

if Chipset performance is as bad as @takimata says it is .. i would not want this on a VDSL line..

The chipset supporting it does not mean TP-Link's OEM firmware does (even if OpenWrt supports it just fine).

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TP-Link advertises it as ADSL2+

For the average consumer, chipset support probably won't matter.

It does, but it requires a different modem firmware than the one that comes with OpenWrt out of the box. There's a few threads in this here forum about it.

It is fine, at least with 21.02. I had a few issues with 19.07 where once in a while, after a few months or so of uptime, it would just stop routing and needed a reboot. This seems to have all but disappeared with 21.02. It has been running stable for me for months (the reboot causing the rather measly 5-day uptime in my screenshot was deliberate.)

Yes of course, as long as you don't expect too much throughput. I didn't try it in a while because I switched to WireGuard on all of my devices, but I seem to remember that OpenVPN tops out at a few mbit/s. Certainly enough for SSH access, but maybe not enough to use it for HD video streaming.

However, I am not sure if much else besides the base system will still fit into the default flash, it's rather limited at 8 MB and there will be not much space left. It may require building a custom image with the packages baked into the compressed file system.

Oh, it performs okay on a VDSL line. After all I'm using it on a 100/40 line right now, which is just about the maximum of what you can expect: simple routing, no QoS/SQM. It's not great but just about good enough for that purpose.

I should also mention that I am not using the Wifi on the device, mainly because it doesn't do 5 GHz (the WAVE300 chipset is not supported in OpenWrt, not for the lack of trying). It is just serving as an edge router for a few decidedly non-powerusers. (It's not at my home where I run a bit more powerful hardware.)

Also, no, I am by no means praising this device. However, all of the OpenWrt devices with a built-in ADSL or VDSL are based on the very same XRX200 chipset, and they all perform exactly the same. If you want a built-in modem, for the foreseeable future this is the maximum you can get.

You are perfectly right. But this is not a TP-Link forum for "average consumers", is it?

TP-link made two devices, TD-W9980 for VDSL/ADSL and the less expensive priced TD-W8980 for ADSL.

I understand the hardware is identical but the TP-link firmware is different. I have seen posts elsewhere describing how to flash the 9980 tplink firmware onto 8980 to enable VDSL.

Hence VDSL should work with OpenWrt on TD-W8980 as confirmed by @takimata

Same VRX268 Lantiq chipset used in BT Home Hub 5A and others, so VDSL to ethernet LAN performance is a known quantity.

From FCC.gov:

TD-w8980 v1

TD-w9980 v1

You seemed like an average consumer...just sayin.

This would not be the first time that @OldNavyGuy has made assumptions like this. And we know what happens when you assume things.

You become @psherman

What a fantastic comeback. :roll_eyes:

Not sure why you have such an issue with me and why you make unfounded assumptions about other users and other seemingly strange statements. Like @takimata, I'd be happy to try to address it in private messages, but since you have that feature disabled, that option is out.

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