TD-W8970 V1 has 34Kc core (with HW FPU) but need SOFT_FLOAT enabled?

The TP-LINK TD-W8970 V1 has a 34Kc MIPS CPU, the wiki said 24Kc but this is actually wrong (read here).

I was wrong the 34kc does not have an HW FPU.

To my knowledge, the 34Kf has floating point and the 34Kc does not. Could not find anything mentioning a floating point unit in the 34Kc datasheet:

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Ok sorry my error. I read the mips wiki and I think they forgot to add "f" when talking about the FPU.

gcc generates identical code for mips24kc and mips34kc, therefore it is not needed to duplicate packages (both in terms of buildbot usage and server storage) for both.

So why I get way less memory usage when I compile with -march=34kc (instead of the default -mips32f2 -mtune=24kc)? About 10% (64 MiB ram)

The 34Kc CPU implements the MIPS32 Release 2 Architecture. In addition to the base architecture, it features the following
application specific extensions (ASE):
• The MIPS MT ASE which defines multi-threaded operation.
• The MIPS DSP ASE which provides support for signal processing instructions.
• The MIPS16e™ ASE which reduces code size

The 24Kc core implements the MIPS32 Release 2 Architecture in an 8-stage pipeline. It includes support for the MIPS16e™

application specific extension and the 32-bit privileged resource architecture. This standard architecture allows support by a

wide range of industry-standard tools and development systems

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